Feminism - essay

The internet looms large over the twenty-first century, so rather than listening to a traditional radio program, Americans are tuning into podcasts instead. Feminist podcasts are not a rarity, and the content of feminist podcasts is about as varied as snowflakes. One such podcast, Divided States of Women, by Liz Plank, and co-hosted with Hitha Herzog, aims to delve deep into controversial topics and their influence on women.

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Travelogue Draft “The Aloha State”

"Ding!" My alarm woke me up at 6 a.m. as our trip was just awaiting us. In over an hour, we would be on a plane heading to Hawaii, for our spring break vacation which I have been counting down for a whole year now. Because I have been looking forward to this day, I am well prepared with information about several of the islands there. My family and I never traveled over the breaks throughout school years, but this was our first one, and I couldn't be more stoked to visit the gorgeous islands of Maui and the capital of Honolulu.

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Caydin and Davis - essay

Caydin was living a ordinary life in Iowa. A kid living in a small town with his mom and his best friend. They live in a pretty big house in the middle of nowhere. It was hard for his mom because his dad died when he was 5. Being a single mom it was hard to support two kids. Now being 17 he has realized it was hard for his mom. Caydin and Davis had to find a way to help support. So both of the boys got jobs at the local store. One day after work the boys were approaching their house. When all of a sudden this blue van drove wildly out of their driveway.

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