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How to Write an Essay on a Song?

Writing an essay is a compulsory part of any curriculum, but writing this assignment about a song can be set to students who study for a degree in music or related discipline. In general, this type of essay presupposes analyzing the song. We are sure that most of our readers would go catatonic while reading this. Writing an analysis of a poem, historical person, or life experience is okay, but what does writing an essay on a song imply? To explain how to write it is what we aim to do here.
By the way, an essay is one of the most hated academic assignments. The fact that students prefer to pay for essay writing instead of doing this assignment on their own proves this. If you are lucky to face writing an essay on a song, use this article as a guide on writing. And before the start, you must change your view on the songs and start to perceive it as poetry. Analyzing a song implies completing the following steps:

1. Select a good song

It’s good if the teacher left the choice of music for analysis to you. Unfortunately, it won’t make the whole process fast and easy, but you can facilitate the task by choosing the emotional song with touching lyrics, the song that touches vital themes and issues, etc. The good composition is the one that conveys an important message. Bear this information in mind while choosing the melody.

2. Listen to it

This listening experience will differ from how you usually listen to songs. Play the composition, open the page with lyrics, and look at them while listening to it. Pay attention both to melody and lyrics. It’s necessary to repeat this activity a few times until you can formulate what you think about it, what aspects affect you most. Underline phrases that prove your opinion. It can be quite a boring stage, so if the question like “Why not ask someone to do my homework?” is spinning around in your head too often, you shouldn’t be embarrassed — all people hate boring work and look for the ways to avoid it.

3. Research the technical information

Knowing the historical context let you have enough information to start writing and present a topic. By the way, technical information also presupposes social and cultural context, composer’s bio, background, genre, style, etc. Spend time finding information; perhaps, this song was written under some impressions or reflects any life experience, etc.

4. Analyze lyrics

Imagine that lyrics are a poem you’re used to analyzing in literature classes. Check the presence of figures of speech and other elements that let the author describe the song’s theme in such a way. Don’t forget about sound devices, such as rhyme, alliteration, and so on. If it seems too difficult, remember that you always can order an essay, specify your requirements, and get custom paper quickly.

5. Review the notes and start

If the preparation was productive, you would have a large amount of information written down. You’ll look at it and break your head about how to organize it in a single text. Therefore, you have to reread everything you’ve written, given the paper structure, organize your notes, and start working on the draft.